(Review originally written at 13 April 2010)

Of course this is quite a bad movie but it also was far from the worst thing I have ever seen. The movie was at least entertaining to watch throughout.

You have simply some bad movies and then you have some bad movies that are so bad to watch that they actually become good and fun to watch. This is foremost the case with this movie. It basically has a non-existent story and the movie has a very amateur like look and feeling to it. The acting is horrible, the dialogs are laughable but the movie does never bore and is actually quite fun to watch. And let me tell you, this really isn't the case with all the movies within this genre.

Don't pay too much attention to this movie its title, it's really a zombie-flick in essence. There is nothing too original about this movie or its concept and it's obvious that Fred Olen Ray watched a lot of other well known genre movies to use as a source for his 'inspiration'. But it has basically everything in that that a zombie-movie lover wants from the genre. There is some blood and gore, though it's nothing too impressive looking but how could it really with the budget these guys had to work with.

It was quite fun to still see Buster Crabbe in this. He once played Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, so back in his days he was quite the star. A lot of actors from those old days however ended up in movies like this, no matter how talented or big they were once.

This is basically what a movie would look like if a bunch of friends who had a couple of beers say, why don't we go and make a zombie-flick? Nothing about this movie truly impresses and it's a weak movie in basically every aspect but you'll nevertheless have fun watching it.


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