(Review originally written at 11 July 2009)

Well, necrophilia isn't on my top-list of things to enjoy, still I have quite a few movies that involve this subject. What they all have in common is that they have to ability to gross you out, without having to feature a plot involving around it. Movies like "Nekromantik" and "Schramm" are like this. This movie is like that as well, with a touch of Ginî piggu-series added to it.

Yet this movie perhaps deserves better than to be compared to any of these movies, since this movie is quality-wise a far superior one. It's a movie that got extremely well directed, in an almost artistic like way at times. Nacho Cerdà is a director who enjoys making shorts and prefers it above making long featured films with an elaborated story, I would guess, judging by this movie. All sequences are being nicely constructed and it keeps you glued to the screen, even though there is no real story to the movie and the it doesn't even feature one line of dialog. The movie it's story is purely being told by its images, as brought to us by the fine directing approach of Nacho Cerdà.

Yes sure, it's a pretty gross and gory movie to watch and if you can't handle themes such as bloody autopsies and necrophilia you should simply avoid this movie. If you are able to appreciate the art of film-making this is just one great short to watch, despite of how you think or feel about its subject.

The gore wasn't too shocking though, at least not to me, since the cadavers used in this movie were obvious puppets, which perhaps was the only disappointing aspect about the movie; it wasn't always quite realistic enough.

Still it obviously didn't prevented me from being drawn into this movie, due to its wonderful directing and artistic, classy approach of its subject.


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