(Review originally written at 21 February 2008)

The movie its strongest point is its fun adventurous way of storytelling. It makes the whole story and movie seem like one big adventure, set in a big city. The roll from the one fun and of course highly unlikely situation into the other. It makes the movie very entertaining to watch and also fairly unpredictable, in terms of you not knowing what will happen to the main characters next.

The movie is filled with a couple of greatly fun moments but of course also some moments that don't work out. Luckily every moment in the movie is not really long enough to bore you when you don't really like it. The movie shouldn't had been much longer though. It all became a bit tiresome after a while and I feel the movie won't had been as effective had it lasted 2 hours.

Also a great asset from the movie is its cast and especially the kid roles within the movie. Normally kid actors aren't among the most believable once in the business, especially not in these type of films but all of the actors here do a great job and they most importantly all have some great chemistry together. Also Elisabeth Shue handles her role well. It was one of her first leading roles out of her career, even before her Back to the Future film roles. Also Penelope Ann Miller shows up in a fun and early movie role.

It's a sort of a shame that this Chris Columbus movie is relatively unknown. It by the way also was his directorial debut and what a fine way to start of his directing career it was!

I think especially the kids will appreciate this movie and its fun adventurous way of storytelling, even though the movie is rated PG-13.


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