(Review originally written at 16 December 2008)

I always thought that it was quite strange Jim Carrey only did 2 Ace Ventura movies, rather than making a trilogy out of it. Not that I've re-watched "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" again I can see why they stopped with the series after this one. (I'm not really counting in the upcoming movie "Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective", since it obviously features a different main character.) Well, it was not like its predecessor "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" was brilliant but it showed some good potential for more. This potential gets basically all ruined and wasted within this movie.

Thing I simply hated about this movie was its absolutely dreadful script. It's such an incredible childish and simple written script, that features nothing original, nothing surprising and very little funny actually. Most, if not all the fun from this movie comes from Jim Carrey's performance. It's an annoying story, that is set too much at the same locations. All of the other characters within this movie also just don't work out, due to its very poor story and writing in general.

The movie is supposedly for most part set in Africa but its obvious that not one step get set on African ground during the production of this movie. It's obvious studio work and the movie for some parts got shot in wild life park(s), I would imaging. It gives the movie a cheap look and feeling as well, even though of course this wasn't a low-budget production.

Yet, still it's a movie that will make you laugh. Jim Carrey is totally crazy as Ace Ventura and he's actually more hilarious in this role than he has been in any recent movie of his. The first Ace Ventura movie launched him to stardom, which allows him to in this movie go even more over-the-top with his character. It provides the movie with some great laughs, due to sheer stupidity. Yes, the movie and its comedy is at times so stupid that you can't help but laugh.

So, watch this movie a get a few laughs from Carrey's performance. Otherwise, you can easily do without ever watching this movie.


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