(Review originally written at 26 January 2008)

Really not too sure what to think about this one. OK so all this movie does is show a relationship between two people, that is mostly based on purely the sex. But the movie just never goes deep into things (no pun intended). It's not a movie that raises or answers any questions regarding relationships or even the fact why these two are attracted to each other and what the exact status of the relationship and feelings toward each other is. You can call this movie a realistic observation if you will but that doesn't make the movie also interesting or appealing to watch.

The movie gets back and forth between conversations between the two main characters, rock concerts (also not my taste of music obviously) and explicit sex sequences. The movie knows to include scenes of Antartica are included throughout, with the main character Matt flying over it and providing and providing a voice over, with wisdoms and fact about Antartica (yeah whatever!). Oh and also a Michael Nyman piano concert...The constant cutting back and forth between those sequences makes this a fairly disjointed and also definitely shallow movie to watch. Thank goodness that the movie only lasts for just over an hour because it all starts to become pretty tiresome to watch after a while, since the movie just isn't heading anywhere.

The sex sequences and nudity within this movie is really explicit. Really some stuff you would normally expect to see in some porn flick, although it is obviously done with more class and style in this case.

The movie definitely doesn't get uplifted by its actors. Kieran O'Brien was OK but Margo Stilley is horrible. Almost really toe cringing bad. The way she delivers her lines is awful and very amateur like and I really mean amateur like in a non-realistic way. It of course also doesn't help that the movie has (deliberatly) no character development, which makes the movie all the more shallow.

But this is certainly no horrible movie. I mean, it's a definitely professionally made movie and director Michael Winterbottom is definitely not an untalented person. The movie obviously also had noble intentions. It's at least not like they wanted to make a explicit porn-flick or anything like that. That I can say for sure.

It's the sort of movie that makes you say and think; Whatever! It's professionally made all but also feels pointless, since its not controversial enough for todays standards and doesn't raise any discussions or questions. So what exactly was the point of this movie, if there even was any?


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