(Review originally written at 12 May 2008)

Zombie movies always have been around, from as early on as the 30's. In 1968 George A. Romero changed the genre for ever with "Night of the Living Dead" and he perfected the genre with his movie "Dawn of the Dead" from 1978. From that moment on, lots and lots of film-makers tried to have a go at the genre, with often some bad formulaic B-horror movies as an end result. "28 Weeks Later" and the previous movie "28 Days Later..." are basically the first, non George A. Romero involved zombie-flicks, made in the same horror style as those earlier mentioned Romero movies.

"28 Weeks Later" chooses a realistic approach, so don't expect a movie with heroic character, blowing zombie's heads off. The movie is possibly even better as a study of human behavior instead.

It's realism is being strengthened by its visual look. The camera-work puts you right into the middle of things and the movie never exaggerated with its action of gore.

This doesn't mean that "28 Weeks Later" isn't a gory movie to watch though. As far as zombie movies go, this is actually one very gory movie to watch, with lots of blood and guts and body pieces flying around, so you have been warned.

It's a direct sequel to "28 Days Later..." but its also a sequel that is using different characters and story lines. Therefor this movie remains perfectly good to watch even for those that have never seen "28 Days Later...". Not only the actors are different but there also is a different director at the helm this time. Danny Boyle passed on the honers to Spanish film-maker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Danny Boyle still remained closely involved though and his hand is still clearly visible throughout the movie. He even directed some of the second unit work for the movie.

Danny Boyle's influence is also notable in the movie its cast. Robert Carlyle already almost got a role in "28 Days Later..." and Rose Byrne had already appeared in the Boyle movie "Sunshine". The rest of the cast mostly exists out of unknown actors, which again, adds to the total realism of the movie.

A zombie movie that has it all; gore, realism, action and horror.


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