(Review originally written at 1 November 2005)

This was a great movie to watch! It was like watching a non-stop battle sequence the entire movie long.

This is a great early action movie with some wonderful impressive massive battle sequences. It makes "Zulu" a truly spectacular movie to watch from start till finish. The movie is tense as well and you can really feel the fear and perhaps desperateness of all the soldiers, who are heavily outnumbered. It's really 'edge of your seat' stuff at times, also thanks to some good character development. You really get to care about some of the characters in the movie.

The movie is filled with fantastic, spectacular and tense moments, during all of the massive battle sequences. The ending was truly superb as well and was extremely fitting for the movie. The battle sequences were all filmed very well and the tension was build up extremely good. The movie also has some impressively good editing at times by underrated editor John Jympson.

The fantastic memorable music is from movie composer John Barry.

The characters are portrayed very well in the movie and you have the feeling that you're really getting to know this soldiers and start to care about most of them. The movie is extremely respectful towards the Zulu's as well in this movie. It shows quite a lot of their culture in the beginning, which wasn't really necessary for this movie and they are portrayed in the movie as noble and brave warriors.

A fantastic and spectacular movie! A true must see!


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