(Review originally written at 12 September 2004)

The movie was not what I had hoped to be. although I'm not a die-hard "X-Men" fan, I still grew watching the 1992 cartoon and consider myself fairly familiar with the "X-Men" franchise. Having that said I must concluded that this movie was not what I had hoped and expected it to be.

There are several things which I didn't liked about the movie. One of them is the visual style, I don't know but it was just all to dark for me, it didn't had a comic book feeling like movies as "Spider-Man", "Hulk" and "Batman" all had. The X-Men uniforms also bothered me, yes I would had preferred yellow spandex! (inside movie joke). The movie also wasted too much time on character development and some characters are highly underused, mainly Storm and Jean Grey.

I must say that let the movie mainly focus on Wolverine/Logan was brilliant. For me Wolverine always was the most interesting character in the cartoon. It's too bad that they changed Rogue's character so intensely, it's not that it's not a good character it's just that I preferred the cartoon Rogue.

One last thing that disappointed me was the musical score by Michael Kamen. It lacked a good main theme and while it is a fairly good score on it's own, it is not really fitting the movie.

But yet again I make it sound like this is a bad movie. No, it's not a bad movie, it's far from it. The special effects are great and never overused. There are some spectacular fights and action sequences although the entire end fight was slightly disappointing for me. The movie in general is also too short.

The entire movie was very well casted. Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman were all brilliantly cast! It was especially Hugh Jackman who was simply perfect in his role. Hugh Jackman = Wolverine!

All in all it was not what I had hoped it to be but it still is a very entertaining well cast movie with some spectacular moments. Very well worth watching.


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