(Review originally written at 23 March 2004)

After the first 15 minutes you have already seen it all. The documentary never gets really interesting mainly because of some seriously missed opportunities.
It is unclear to me what the documentary maker tried to achieve by showing this to the audience. The only thing that this documentary is is entertaining for about 15 minutes, after that we get more and more of the same without any explanation of how and why. Wouldn't it have been much more interesting to focus more on the prisoners background and perhaps families? Instead now we get to see some crazy rotten criminals fighting some bulls in the arena. Don't get me wrong, in a way it was entertaining and showed some of the crazy unique American civilization but it was only fun for about a few minutes. I would have liked to see some more variation and content.

Good for a few laughs but fails to be more than just entertaining. A documentary without a message.


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