(Review originally written at 14 June 2005)

I'm not really sure what to think about this movie. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly 'the point' of this movie was. It seems like Paul Verhoeven himself also agrees with this; This movie should be forgotten.

For a comedy it simply is not funny enough and for a drama it ain't heavy enough. It's a incoherent mess of sometimes intended funny scene's and intended dramatic one's. Neither style really works out an 100% and the end result is an unpleasant movie to watch that's neither really funny or dramatic.

Also a bit of a problem is the story itself, it's not realistic and highly unlikely all. The actors are quite good, I mean there are some big Dutch names in here but none of the characters are really any good or likable enough.

I always used to think that it was a awesome thing that a distant relative of mine, Henk Molenberg played in a Verhoeven movie. He is even on the cover of the movie. But than I saw the role he played...ha-ha I'm almost embarrassed now, he plays the customer of Greet who loves to clean while wearing pumps and nothing much else and when he doesn't clean good enough he loves to get slapped with a carpet-beater. Yeah weird I know, there are several other weird 'sex-fantasy' scene's like this, with different costumers that are just too odd to find amusing.

The way Amsterdam is filmed is quite good actually and one of the few things that I enjoyed about this movie. The cinematography is from Jan de Bont and one of his assistants is Theo van de Sande, two well known Hollywood names now.

A movie not worth seeing, even not if you're a Verhoeven fan.


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