(Review originally written at 11 March 2006)

Lot's of cheese might be featured in this movie but the movie itself is far from cheesy. It's a cleverly made movie, of which its humor relies on its timing and characters, rather then the script.

What a wonderful achievement this movie is. The claymation is even more detailed and better looking as in the previous Aardman/DreamWorks production "Chicken Run" was the case. The movie is made with eye for detail and features lots of complex, almost flawless sequence's, with lots of pace and detailed camera-work.

But the thing that makes this movie so much fun to watch is its humor. It has some incredible good timing, even though I'm sure of it that it must be very hard to time correctly while working with claymation. It takes lots of talent and experience to make a movie like this. That's why Aardman will probably stay lonesome at top of claymation and stop-motion for the next 10 years. The movie is also filled with tons of visual gags. You'll discover some new things, every time you watch this movie. It shows how incredible detailed the movie is. The movie is fun to watch for the entire family. The children will find the almost slapstick/cartoon like humor with Wallace and Gromit amusing, while the more older viewer should be able to appreciate the visual and more adult orientated visual jokes, characters and dialog. There is something for everyone to enjoy here in this movie.

The story is very simple and also quite ridiculous. It's so intendedly ridiculous that it's also at the very same time extremely hilarious. Of course you shouldn't take this movie serious. It's one of those movies which requires you to switch of your brain and just sit back, relax and just watch the movie and take it for what it is.

Another element that makes "Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" such a great movie is its action. Just like in "Chicken Run" the action in the movie is incredibly good paced, directed and executed and also highly original at the very same time. Truly better than the stuff in 80% of the 'serious' action-movies, made these days.

However the pace is also a bit of a problem. Everything is paced so fast, that it's over before you know it. It was so much fun that I wanted to see more and didn't wanted it to end. Of course it's not a real serious complaint though, in terms of that it made the movie any worser or less enjoyable to watch.

An entertaining Oscar winning movie that shouldn't be missed by you!


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