(Review originally written at 13 January 2006)

The movie is wonderfully made and has a perfectly, moody dark atmosphere. The visual effects are convincing enough and there are some nicely shot action sequences. Still the movie is not as good as it could had been, especially when considering what its concept is.

Problem with the movie is that it isn't really an entertaining one to watch. The movie could had really used some humor at times and the story and the movie in general, takes itself way too serious. It makes the movie a bit heavy and hard one to watch at times and because of this all the movie doesn't really have an high entertainment value. Another thing is that the story becomes unnecessary hard to follow at times, because of the very same reason. The movie is not halve as entertaining as it could had been. The concept of the movie; Werewolves versus vampires sounds good but the execution of it is done too seriously. It's done with style certainly but not with a sense for entertainment. The result is a good looking- but mostly empty movie that isn't really always constantly pleasant to watch.

The movie also lacks some real likable characters. Seline is a cool chick but I don't have the feeling that we ever fully get to know and understand her. Also there is absolutely no chemistry between Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman, which makes parts of the movie weak at times.

The acting is fair enough. The actors fit their roles well and that is what really counts. Bill Nighy is always great to watch in a movie and this one is no exception. He plays the best part of the movie, a sort of ├╝ber-vampire.

It certainly is a watchable movie, especially to those who also liked the first two Blade movies. I'll probably also watch its sequel "Underworld: Evolution" but probably not earlier until when it arrives on DVD.


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