(Review originally written at 4 August 2006)

This movie is one of the best Steven Seagal movies but not that that is saying much of course.

It's a pretty simple action movie, as action movies are supposed to be. It has a simple plot and basically only serves as an excuse to let the Seagal character kill as many villains as possible, preferably with a knife. It however is a better than average movie for a couple of reasons.

Most important reason for this are the villains. Not the characters themselves but more the actors that portray them. Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Busey and Colm Meaney play the main villains. Three awesome actors. Especially Tommy Lee Jones is great, namely toward the ending when all the breaks are off by him. And I never expected to see Gary Busey as a drag queen. That was awesome, as well as unexpected (and completely unnecessary by the way once you really start thinking about it). I however felt that the villains were not enough present in the movie and the movie mainly was a Steven Seagal-flick, which will definitely still mainly pleases his fans of course.

The action is good, although it mostly consists out of only shootouts and a couple of explosions. The knife fights were a bit too ridicules in my opinion but I guess Seagal himself enjoyed it more as I did. It didn't exactly made the movie any more credible. The movie itself is quite honestly nothing too spectacular, just an entertaining enough action-flick. The movie its reputation is definitely better than the actual movie itself.

The musical score by Gary Chang is surprising good and worth owning and listening to.

In the end the movie is nothing more than a "Die Hard" wannabe set on a ship this time. It still has power and quality on its own but not quite enough to regard this movie as one of the best or most memorable movies out of the genre. The movie is only maybe a little memorable thanks to its three main villains.


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