(Review originally written at 30 July 2006)

The fact that this movie is already widely regarded as a comedy classic has got very little to do with the quality of it or the story but more with the concept of having the huge and muscled Schwarzenegger as the twin brother of the short, balding and fat Danny DeVito. It's a ridicules and unlikely combination, which at the same time is the very best element of the entire movie.

But besides the original refreshing concept is the movie any good? I tend to say no. It is a movie that mostly relies on just its concept and not really that much on the story. The story is quite formulaic and typical '80's comedy stuff. Meaning that it also has a villainous criminal side-plot and love interest(s). Beside the two main characters, the rest of the characters are pretty shallow and uninteresting. Yet the movie manages to be entertaining and fun enough to watch thanks to just its silly concept alone.

It's obvious that Schwarzenegger is no talented comedy actor. It's fun to see how he makes fun of his own image but it doesn't feel really natural. But then again, in what other movie does Schwarzenegger show he is a good actor anyway? DeVito is obviously the more talented actor of the two. He times well and he plays his character convincing. The movie also has some other good supporting actors.

It's not really a movie with some great and memorable comical moments, with the exception of some fun moments with Schwarzenegger and DeVito. that are a direct result of its unlikely concept. But aside from its concept, the movie isn't really a memorable one.

The movie does have a good message in it about family values and accepting each other, without ever going to over-the-top with it, or gets too overdone. It's a well balanced comedy that is always fun, yet unlikely, to watch.


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