(Review originally written at 27 March 2006)

Perhaps the greatest thing about the movie are its characters. All of them are unique and fun in their very own way. This was Ewan McGregor breakthrough role and he perhaps plays his very best role out of his career. He is very powerful and credible in his role. A great main- and interesting character. Robert Carlyle plays a sort of Scottish version of Joe Pesci in this movie. He has some ultra-violent outbursts at times but for the rest of the movie he at the very same time is a lovable and hilarious character, that often works as a much needed comic-relief. Other fine roles are being portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller, Kelly Macdonald and Ewen Bremner.

The movie does not only concentrates on what happens when you're a drug-addict but also what happens after you got clean. I love it that the movie also shows its honest and objective perspective, on this realistic story-elements. Nothing that happens in the movie feel forced or predictable and therefor everything that happens in the movie works out great and convincing.

But honestly the movie is more entertainment than anything else really. The pace is high, the characters are silly and some of the situations and dialog are often hilarious. "Trainspotting" might seem like heavy stuff on first sight and even though it does have its serious and heavier moments, it remains mostly an entertaining movie to watch throughout its entire running time but yet at the same time, the serious anti-drug message comes through and works fine.

Definitely a recommendable movie.


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