(Review originally written at 30 April 2005)

Forget Schwarzenegger in the Terminator trilogy, forget Schwarzenegger in "Predator", forget Schwarzenegger in "True Lies", this is the ultimate Schwarzenegger role. He really is at his best in this movie which is mainly thanks to Verhoeven's directing.

The beginning has Verhoeven written all over it. It's gross and terribly shocking the first time you'll see it. The rest of the movie is also filled with Verhoeven's typical style of violence and gore. The scene in which Schwarzenegger's character uses a innocent civilian as a human shield who gets shot multiple times is the best example of the typical Verhoeven style in the movie. But like in all his movie's the violence never feels forced or overdone and is used in a brilliant way like only a man like Verhoeven can.

Not only Schwarzenegger is casted well, so is the rest of the cast. Especially the villains are deliciously stereotypical. Michael Ironside is always at this best in roles like this and Ronny Cox basically plays his "RoboCop" villain role all over again but hey I'm not complaining about it.

The music by Jerry Goldsmith (his personal favorite) is really good and one of his best works.

The special effects are acceptable and the make-up is truly fantastic.

Still for some reason its not really a movie that I enjoy watching multiple times. I don't know why, I can't really put my finger on it but I think it has to do with the typical 80's atmosphere of the movie (even though the movie is from 1990.). Even though the movie is fun it times, with some typical dark Verhoeven humor it isn't always a pleasant watch.

Not Verhoeven's best but still a little science-fiction/action masterpiece.


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