(Review originally written at 2 August 2006)

I expected more from this movie, after all its widely known and formed the inspiration for later movies such as "A Bug's Life", "Mystery Men" and "Galaxy Quest". Not the least movies in the genre.

The premise of the movie also is good but this movie is a typical case of; the premise is funnier and more original than the actual movie itself. The jokes are weak and the movie only relies on its premise, which basically forms the only comical situation of the movie. Even the great three main characters are pushed to the background. There aren't really many jokes present, which makes this movie also far from being one of the best or interesting comedies.

The three main characters are good and they are a good spoof on '20's serial-movies. There are being played by '80's comedy icons Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase. Especially Steve Martin is at his best as the leader of the bunch. But all of them however get a surprising disappointing amount of fun or interesting to do. The movie really is lacking in jokes and overall the movie itself could had been so much more of a fun one. Also the villains, who seemed to be interesting enough, are heavily underused in the movie. More was to be expected from '80's comedy talents such as John Landis, Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase involved.

Hightlights of the movie to me were the musical numbers, which were definitely the most fun sequences of the movie. The songs are from composer Randy Newman. The fine musical score itself is from composer Elmer Bernstein, who ironically also scored "The Magnificent Seven", on which this movie is obviously based.

Sure the movie is still a fun one to watch, mainly thanks to the premise that is obviously based on the Akira Kurosawa movie "Shichinin no samurai" and it's western remake "The Magnificent Seven". Still the movie is a bit of a disappointment, considering the fact how well known it is over the world and how many later movies it inspired. Only really recommendable to the fans of '80's comedies.


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