(Review originally written at 22 March 2006)

This really is one of my favorite Laurel & Hardy movies. Laurel & Hardy were at their best and prime in the '20's and the early '30's. Most movies made after that were slightly disappointing. This movie however is a wonderful exception to that.

What makes this movie so incredibly good and fun, is the well constructed story. Everything in the movie feels wonderfully connected and consistent. Something that not always was the case in many other Laurel & Hardy movies. They really put some effort in the story this time and the end result pays off. The movie has multiple subplots with many different characters involved but the movie truly feels as a whole.

Also the comedy present in the movie is deliciously funny. Of course the boys get into some serious troubles again, this time with several different persons, of who James Finlayson is one of those persons. The situations the boys get into are highly amusing and always a pleasure and fun to watch in this movie.

A comedy in which everything works out great and it's better than other Laurel & Hardy movies, thanks to the wonderful constructed story.


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