(Review originally written at 21 April 2006)

Appearantly this was the last comical short which starred the two boys in the leading roles. Too bad they didn't ended it with a blast. But still, this movie is just as good as most of their other works of course and it has some good and entertaining moments in it.

The story is just above average. It's your typical Laurel & Hardy stuff in which the boys get into some serious and unlikely trouble again. It's nothing special but the story and the movie in general serves its purpose to entertain and amuse its viewers.

The movie begins good with some typical slapstick moments. This is Laurel & Hardy at their best. After that the boys get into some more trouble, which also involves of course once more one of their wives and luckily it also involves James Finlayson again. His role is quite small and not really that impressive but his presence alone is more than enough reason to consider this movie an entertaining and above average one. All of the comical moments are rather predictable but executed very well, due to some good timing and acting by especially Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The ending of the movie might feel out of place but nevertheless it's pretty entertaining to watch Stan Laurel imitate Oliver Hardy and vice versa. They both did a good job at imitating each other there and it surely made me laugh.

All in all it's a well made, consistent comedy by James W. Horne, who probably was the best and most consistent director of Laurel & Hardy pictures. Not their best or most memorable work but nevertheless a worthy last comedy short by the famous comical duo.


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