(Review originally written at 25 November 2006)

Perhaps it's because that this movie is probably the Laurel & Hardy short I've seen most in my life that I got sort of tiresome of watching it but I don't find this movie to be the most hilarious or best constructed and executed Laurel & Hardy comedy short around. But you know, when you watch this movie objectively just for what it is, so not necessarily as a part of the Laurel & Hardy shorts alone you have to conclude that this is a pretty entertaining and fun little movie.

The movie its premise is extremely simple and gives both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardsy to let their comical talents shine, since they're basically the only two actors in the movie, except for the last couple of minutes in which Laurel & Hardy regular Charlie Hall, among others, shows up as the landlord.

The comical routines are rather simple but I guess they are effective enough, since they surely amuse. It just isn't the most hilarious or imaginative Laurel & Hardy comedy around but that doesn't of course mean that this movie is bad or not entertaining.


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