(Review originally written at 7 October 2006)

Seems like I am one of the few but I think that this movie is one of the best Laurel & Hardy comedy shorts.

For some reason I find the mishaps of Laurel & Hardy with a little baby very amusing. The boys get themselves into some hilarious silly situations when they decide to adopt a baby to save Oliver's marriage. That way Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch) would be occupied all day and Mr. Hardy will have more time to spend with his good pal Stanley.

The situations with the little baby are all very original and hilarious as well. There luckily also is room for some good slapstick humor in the movie, which I love so very much about Laurel & Hardy movies. Most of the comical situations in the movie are rather stretched out, especially the ones with Stan Laurel but in this particular case even the stretched out moments in the movie remain funny throughout.

The dialog is well written and forms one of the most funniest aspects of the movie. The movie as a whole is filled with some good and typical Laurel & Hardy situations. Everything combined makes "Their First Mistake" one of the most pleasant and enjoyable Laurel & Hardy shorts.


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