(Review originally written at 8 November 2004)

Supposedly this movie cost $70.000 to make but the movie looks like it had been made for $10, tops. Yet the look of the movie is the reason why this is a classic and an horror masterpiece.

The actors in this movie are not actors at all, you can tell that by looking at the way they act. It is no wonder that none of their careers ever got of the ground. Also the story is nil, the story is a lame excuse to let a guy with a chainsaw scare some teenagers off. But yet all of it works effective. The movie has a documentary like feeling also thanks to the cinematography and lighting at times (but why oh why is the rail cam used so many times?). All of it gives the movie a chilling and till some extend, realistic horror feeling with some unforgettable classic horror moments and a cool psycho serial killer, in the form of Leatherface.

The movie is a bit weird and sloppy at times and unintentional hilarious (especially the ending). But I like it, I like it a lot.

The grandfather of teenage horror movies.

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