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I imaging that in 50 years from now, or even more, people will still be watching this movie withs lots of joy and respect. Even though the movie its look is already outdated, it still is a movie that speaks to the imagination and is both tense and spectacular to watch. "The Terminator" is one of those movies everyone should have seen at least once in his or hers life.

What makes "The Terminator" already such a classic today is a combination of certain factors. Of course the title character 'The Terminator' played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps the biggest reason. He doesn't have to speak any lines to make a lasting impression. His presences and looks is more than enough to make his character a classic one. Another element is the fantastic imaginative futuristic story and concept, that is made totally believable thanks to the professionality of both cast and crew. Action-director James Cameron uplifts the movie with some dynamic action sequences and shootouts, despite the movie its fairly low-budget.

Lets be fair, "The Terminator" is a B-movie. The special effects are below average, even for 1984 standards, the actors are B-stars (Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen, who I both really like as actors by the way, are the biggest indication of this.) and the story is of course incredibly B-movie like once you start thinking about it. The movie however is really uplifted by mainly the directing from James Cameron and the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It gives the movie both a sense of reality and tension as well as making it spectacular and action filled.

The movie has '80's written all over it. The clothes, the hair, and the ultimate '80's music and musical score by Brad Fiedel, it's all terribly '80's like which makes this movie perhaps a bit more outdated than it is.

Unfortunately the movie also has some (unesacary) slow moments toward the ending of the movie. It doesn't really blend in with the rest of the movie which is fast paced and action packed. I also was never a big fan of the ending. Once Arnie seizes to be 'The Terminator' it's not as tense and scary anymore.

Other than that, this is a fantastic and already classic science-fiction/action movie with thriller elements in it.


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