(Review originally written at 14 January 2005)

Very much like Spielberg's other 'little' movie "Catch Me If You Can" this is simply a movie to enjoy. It will not win any big awards and it's not a real must see but it is a very excellent and entertaining movie to watch.

I think that it are only two things that make this movie work; Tom Hank's acting and Steven Spielberg's directing. Hanks returns to his roots, that of a comedy actor. He shows that he still is a very talented and great character comedy actor. Spielberg's directing makes this movie a light one to watch. It is filled with some typical and good as ever trademark Spielberg kind of humor and some realistic and yet enjoyable characters. Stanley Tucci really plays excellent in this movie!

Main problem with "The Terminal" is the story. It is filled with some rather big plot holes and in a way most of it is predictable and cliché. It's like they said; 'Hey we've got Spielberg directing and Hanks starring in the main role, who needs a waterproof story!?'. In a way it doesn't really matter, it doesn't make the movie less enjoyable to watch but it just prevents it from being a perfect and a must see movie.

All in all a very enjoyable movie with some good comical moments and characters but not one of the must sees of 2004.


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