(Review originally written at 11 December 2005)

It's obvious that "Superman II" doesn't take itself very serious. This sequel to "Superman" has a campy look and story and some over-the-top, stereotypical villains. It makes this movie a very entertaining one to watch even though of course it at no time comes close to the brilliance of the first movie.

Most of the movie was shot simultaneously along with "Superman", so that explains why almost all of the characters from the first movie are also in this one again. Would Gene Hackman had been in this movie otherwise? I don't think so, his character doesn't really serves a purpose in this movie and I think he would had kindly declined. I'm of course still glad he is still in this movie. Even though he doesn't really serves a purpose, he most certainly does make the movie extra entertaining and gives the movie some extra flair. This time the real main villains are being played by Terence Stamp, Jack O'Halloran and Sarah Douglas, the three persons who we saw being convicted in the beginning of the first movie. They have come to Earth to make some trouble and try to take the planet over in control (how original). The story is totally ridiculous and is really non-existent at times but it really is the fact that the movie doesn't take itself seriously, that saves this movie and makes it work as perfect entertainment. The movie has some typical slapstick comedy, which the first movie also had.

Christopher Reeve is really great as Superman/Clark Kent and so is Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. Also in his element was respected and Oscar nominee actor Terence Stamp who played his villainous role intensively and with seemingly joy.

The music is good and mainly consist out of the old John Williams musical score from the first movie. It isn't of course a terrible original way to score a movie but it works well for the movie and its sequences.

I'm looking forward to the Richard Donner cut of "Superman II" and I have the feeling that that movie will be even better and more entertaining to watch.

So this movie if you want to have a good time. It's perfect simple campy entertainment as long as you don't take it all too seriously.


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