(Review originally written at 20 March 2004)

"Superman" already is a classic superhero movie that was ahead of its time and set the standards for many more other superhero movies later to come.

From the very first minute you know this movie will be spectacular. The fantastic opening titles (also mainly thanks to John Williams music) really wakes you up and gets to you every time, in a way it already lets you know that this movie is going to be special and spectacular.

The movie has a high pace even though it has a lot of story telling for a superhero movie. It takes its time to tell the main characters background and how he grew up, only later it starts to focus on the superhero element of the movie. But due to its good pace you wont start to lose interested for a moment.

The movie has lots of different elements. The first part of the movie is drama, the second comedy, almost slapstick like and the third action. All this elements flow really well in to each other thanks to the good directing and story telling but also to the cinematography, editing and music. Everything works perfect in the movie especially the comical elements. It give the movie an high fun level and makes it easy to watch.

The cast is very good. Everyone is casted very well, especially Christopher Reeve is believable as Clark Kent as well as Superman and Gene Hackman plays an highly enjoyable and fun villain.

The special effects are good and even now days in the time of computer effects they look acceptable. "Superman" really was a movie that made the world believe a man could fly.

It's too bad that the second halve of the movie is not as good as the first with a lacking final but it doesn't really ruin the movie in any way. The movie stays fun and enjoyable to watch right till the end.

A fun and spectacular movie with great characters that shall entertain many people for years to come.


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