(Review originally written at 1 November 2006)

This is a rather simple but nevertheless enjoyable musical movie from the MGM studios, with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly for the last time together on screen.

The story is very simple and of course totally predictable from start till finish but than again, which movie in this genre isn't? At what this movie tries to achieve it does not fail. The movie tries to bring some bright, cheery, joyful entertainment and those who will allow themselves will surely have a good time watching this movie.

Despite the movie being fun and all, the movie could had been a much more better one. The movie has lots of missed opportunities, such as all the actors having to work on the farm. They could had put in some extra comedy elements in there to make the movie work better and more effective as a comedy. The movie now is still fairly enjoyable as a comedy but its comedy is mostly in its characters rather than in its situations.

It also is unfortunate to say that Garland isn't really at her best in this movie. Her weight changes are way too obvious in this movie. In the one sequence she is clearly more fat than in the other and vice versa, which works distracting in basically every single sequence she is in. Also her acting is still very old fashioned for 1950 standards. All of her fellow actors in this movie are much more accustomed to the 'newer' acting standards than Garland obviously was. Gene Kelly on the other hand is in his element and he shows some good dancing but to be frank his character isn't the best or most interesting one imaginable.

Yet it are the characters who mostly carry this movie. It still works out all thanks to it's wonderful created atmosphere and quick pace directing from Charles Walters, who made many other genre movies and was a choreographer as well.

The musical numbers, with the exception of one or two good ones, aren't much special to listen to but yet they're all made interesting by the well choreographed dances and timing of it all. There aren't more songs than needed in the movie which makes this movie also perfectly watchable for the non-fans of the genre, like myself.

The movie has a good fun atmosphere and is good and cheerful looking with nice sets and costumes. It makes the movie charming to watch, like almost every MGM musical is. It's the sort of movie you watch to help to make you forget all your sorrows for a short while.


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