(Review originally written at 29 May 2004)

Only a man like Paul Verhoeven can make of a movie with such a stupid and unbelievable story such a masterpiece that "Starship Troopers" is. Along with "Mars Attacks!" this is the most misunderstood masterpiece.

The movie is made as a kind of B-movie with a stupid story and cheesy dialogue's and some at times laughable bad B-actors. All of did was done on purpose. The movie is one big misunderstood satire on American society, just like Verhoeven did before with "RoboCop". The movie is filled with a subtle but brilliant fascist undertone and I'm not only talking about the army costumes and flags or the prop agenda like commercial brakes but also how the people behave. I truly pity those who don't understand the satire, for they can never truly see "Starship Troopers" as the masterpiece that it is.

The movie is filled with some trademark Verhoeven gory scene's in which heads and other limbs are literally flying around. The use of the violence and gore like in all Verhoeven movies is nothing short of brilliant and is never overused. There are some impressive intense battle sequence's like you have never seen before.

The special effect are wonderful (can I say best ever?), especially considered that the movie was made in 1997 when the special effects were not as good as now days. Not only the bugs look good and realistic but also the spaceships and the action is brilliant.

Basil Poledouris his musical score is superb and one of his best ever. Just like "Starship Troopers", Poledouris is underrated and criminally underused and appreciated in Hollywood.

A truly brilliant movie that made me realize something; Paul Verhoeven is a genius!

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