(Review originally written at 4 December 2004)

"Spider-Man 2" is an huge improvement over "Spider-Man".

In my comment for "Spider-Man" I complained about several things. One of my biggest complaints was that it was a movie that looked great from the outside but was shallow and empty on the inside. "Spider-man 2" looks great from the outside AND from the inside. The depths and emotions are handled better as in "Spider-Man" and the characters have become more interesting. Sam Raimi still tries to make the movie more than just a superhero movie but difference with his other movies "Spider-Man" and "Darkman" is that it works this time, even though the whole 'spider-man quiting' thing was a bit cliché and perhaps not needed.

The main thing of this movie is to entertain. The characters have become far more entertaining and there is far more humor added, something I'm extremely happy about.

Also the villain has improved big time Alfred Molina's Doc Ock is far better than Willem Dafoe's Green 'plastic mask' Goblin. The villain is cooler and more entertaining and Alfred Molina himself does a better acting job than Willem Dafoe did. Still I was glad to see Willem Dafoe in a small role in this movie, as long as he doesn't start wearing that 'Power ranger' outfit again.

Another thing that has improved is the action. "Spider-man" was seriously lacking some good action scene's, luckily "Spider-Man 2" is filled with some spectacular action and some great fights between Spider-Man and Doc Ock along with some great looking special effects.

The ending leaves the door open for a lot more Spider-Man sequels and after seeing "Spider-Man 2" I'd say; Bring them on!


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