(Review originally written at 29 October 2004)

This movie can be absolutely hilarious, if you are in the right mood for it. If you didn't liked this movie, then you probably weren't in the right mood, because there is no way you can dislike and find this movie unfunny.

Most fun thing about the movie is Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet who is the complete opposite in every way of the ultimate bad guy from the entire universe; Darth Vader, especially in size. Like almost every other Mel Brook's movie this movie has some extreme hits and some extreme misses, by seriously it all is just a matter of taste. What might seem funny for some is unfunny to others and vice versa.

The acting is over the top and quite bad actually especially Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga. Thank goodness that the sidekicks are the better and funnier characters in this movie, characters with poetic names such as Barf, Colonel Sandurz, Major Asshole, Yogurt and Pizza the Hutt.

The movie suffers from some horrible eighties songs, the curse of almost every eighties movies these days, other than that, there isn't much negative to say about his movie even though it is far from Brook's best.


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  1. Spaceballs is a hilarious Mel Brooks movie. I thought that History of the World had less misses in it, but like you said this movie is just funny. I think the bad acting was part of the comedy of the movie; Mel Brooks would want actors to ham it up in a spoof movie, especially when they are flying a space Winnebago. I came across Spaceballs on HBO’s page on DISH online, and before I was 5 minutes into it, the roommates were sitting behind me like they were drawn to the sound of the bad 80’s music (hey it was the 80’s look what we had to work with prior.. the 70’s). All in all an enjoyable film, with some good one-liners, since the 80’s were known for the one-liners. I even used a couple of them on the movie nerd that I work with at DISH; it even took him a minute to figure out what movie it was from.