(Review originally written at 20 July 2005)

The father would not be proud of his son.

The story is extremely weak and to be honest I didn't liked it. I mean, come on, is Alucard/Dracula junior deliberately trying to get in trouble? Its not like he's avoiding problems, instead he creates them on his own in this movie without even worrying about them.

Another disappointingly weak element in the movie is the main lead played by Lon Chaney Jr. this time. He has absolutely no charisma as the famous blood sucking Count and he perhaps made the story even less likable. Just like in so many other Dracula movies it are the professors that steal the show. Their character are certainly the most likable and realistic ones and the actors that portray them (Frank Craven and J. Edward Bromberg) are very good!

The story is just simply lacking too much and at times is even laughable bad. Still there is plenty to enjoy for the fans of the genre, such as the typical horror atmosphere and some phony but fun looking early special effects.

Nevertheless, you are probably better of watching the other 'Son of' movie; "Son of Frankenstein" or the other official sequel to "Dracula"; "Dracula's Daughter".


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