(Review originally written at 22 June 2006)

I don't really regarded this movie as a Laurel & Hardy comedy short. After all the first billed star of the movie is Priscilla Dean. Stan Laurel does have a big role in the movie as well but Oliver Hardy on the other hand plays a disappointingly small and not significant enough role in the movie.

Fred Guiol never really has been the best or most original director of silent comedy shorts. This movie is typical for his style, its formulaic, simple but it serves its purpose. Thye movie does nowhere reaches the level of comedy excellence but there are some sequences and moments in the movie that still make this movie an above average one to watch. The movie nowhere surprises but it does entertain, so why complain about it?

I always found Stan Laurel to be the better comedy actor, than his counterpart Oliver Hardy and he does indeed once more proofs this by his role in this movie. He times well and his mimic is wonderful. This really is more of a Laurel movie than it is a Laurel & Hardy movie.

Nothing too impressive but a well made and entertaining movie to watch nevertheless.


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