(Review originally written at 1 November 2005)

"Sling Blade" is a movie with an incredible great main character in it. Billy Bob Thornton truly portrays a memorable movie character that delivers some memorable lines. It's a role you normally wouldn't expect to see him in.

The movie has a beautiful story that has lots of heart in it. It's told in a perfect slow way, which helps to make some of the dramatic scene's really powerful. It's a depressing movie to watch, which means that it's powerful and everything in it works good. I wish more little movies like this were made.

There are many long sequences with only one camera-positions that show all of the actors their fine acting skills. Thorton impressed me and he deserved his Oscar nomination. Other fine roles are played by Dwight Yoakam, John Ritter and Natalie Canerday. Some small roles are played by J.T. Walsh and Robert Duvall. Robert Duvall has a very small role and few lines but still you can tell by looking at the scene that he is a terrific actor and makes the short scene a quite powerful one. Unfortunately Lucas Black isn't the greatest child actor I have ever seen but I think it's unfair to just judge him by this movie. This movie is an incredible hard one for a child actor to play in.

The main character is really the reason why this movie works and why it's so good and powerful to watch but it's the combination of the characters and the story that makes this movie a true must see for everyone.


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