(Review originally written at 10 January 2006)

What makes this movie so powerful and great are mainly its characters. The characters are well constructed and are mainly the reason why this movie is so unforgettable. Some of the characters are quite odd looking, even by anime standards but they are so wonderfully constructed that they all become believable.

The story is just totally brilliant. It's odd but oh so beautiful. The imaginary world gives the movie a totally unique and beautiful look and feeling. It all helps to make "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi" an unique and unforgettable viewing experience. The beauty in the movie is in its unpredictability. Because its so unique and original, you never know what to expect next and everything comes as a pleasant surprise. My only complaint about the story is its love-story, if there even was meant to be one, wasn't really believable and felt underdeveloped and like a missed opportunity.

It all is beautiful animated and with lots of eye for detail and I'm talking about both the characters and the imaginary world. It helps to make you believe in the totally imaginary world and the story.

The musical score by Joe Hisaishi is just fantastic and fits the movie very well.

This is once more another Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece. Once more he has succeeded in creating a unique, original and totally believable world, story and characters. It's both beautiful and unforgettable.


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