(Review originally written at 6 January 2006)

I think nobody expected this movie to be a masterpiece but people did expected this movie to be an entertaining action-flick, on par with the two The Mummy movies, of which this movie is a direct spin-off. The movie does not disappoint in its action, which makes "The Scorpion King" a far from great but still a certainly watchable movie.

The Rock is no actor but he is a great action-hero star. Despite his flawed acting he is believable and likable in his role. The movie has a solid supporting cast. Steven Brand is a great villain actor and I expect more good villainous roles from him in the future. Michael Clarke Duncan is a welcome addition, even though the movie could had done without his character. It further more has well known actors Kelly Hu and Bernard Hill appearing in this movie.

This is the sort of movie which I imaging would have been great for stunt performers to work on. The movie is action packed and filled with some nicely choreographed fighting sequences and other fine action sequences, including big explosions and all sorts of weapons. The action movie fan will not be disappointed with this movie and there is plenty for him or her to enjoy in this movie.

Of course the story is almost non-existent but honestly what else did you expect? The story isn't really anything new and it rips off multiple movies without shame. The movie is not filled with any surprises but anyone who had expected a tight waterproof, original plot are apparently also not familiar with the two The Mummy movies, which also were far from perfect or original when it comes to the plot and story.

Unfortunately director Chuck Russell isn't the most talented guy in the business, you can tell that by looking at this movie. His style feels inexperienced, even though he already had quite some experience as a director while shooting this movie.

At what it tries to achieve, the movie is successful. It brings some good mindless, action-packed entertainment.


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