(Review originally written at 26 September 2005)

After hearing so many positive things about "The School of Rock", I expected lots of good's from this movie. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high, for I did not liked or enjoyed this movie as much as I expected to. Still it's a good and certainly entertaining enough movie to watch.

The movie is filled with a bit too many, easy stereotypes and the story itself is also of course a bit too predictable for my taste. It also felt like they were still busy rewriting the script during filming. A lot of subplot-lines are never completed, which gives the movie an at times incomplete and incoherent feeling. The movie also never really goes deep with the story or characters and therefor you never feel really emotionally involved or attached to the movie.

Still the movie is above average which is due to Jack Black's performance. He really carries the movie with his performance, that seems to be simply written for him. The child actors aren't really the greatest ever but at least they know how to play an instrument.

It basically is a silly, good movie that is enjoyable and entertaining but in my opinion it's not great. The movie has too many loose ends and bits for that.


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