The Saint (1997) Directed by Phillip Noyce

(Review originally written at 3 August 2004)

"The Saint" is a movie that can be described as; Nothing special.

Who's to blame? The director Phillip Noyce. In my opinion he is a very boring director without any style of his own. Everything about his movies is always very standard and never interesting or special. The only really good Noyce movie I have seen is "Dead Calm" which had a good script.

"The Saint" is also a standard Noyce movie. It has the usual standard stereotype Russian villains and also the story is very standard with all the usual ingredients you could expect.

Val Kilmer is a good casting choice and so is Elizabeth Shue. I must say that the love story worked for me and it didn't distract from the story. There was also a real spark between the two.

The movie could have used some more action and perhaps also some more humor would have been good for the movie.

A very forgettable movie.

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