(Review originally written at 8 November 2006)

No I'm definitely not a Wes Anderson fan (even though I certainly get and understand his style) and I'll probably never become one. You'll either just hate his movies or just totally love it.

I saw "Rushmore" and though I enjoyed it, I certainly did not loved it. "The Royal Tenenbaums" seemed like a more enjoyable and completely humor filled movie, so I decided to give it a chance. Just like "Rushmore" I enjoyed watching the movie but I wasn't always exactly fully amused and the movie did not always entertain- or was fun enough.

The movie is filled with some eccentric, quirky over-the-top characters, set in a normal world. The characters are weird but they're certainly not funny. Not any of them is ever given something interesting or fun to do in this movie, which seems to be a waste, considering when looking at the cast of the movie. Ben Stiller is holding back and Bill Murray is given too little screen time to become an interesting or hilarious character. Guess that the movie also has way too many characters in it, which does begin to work distracting from each other after a while.

The comedy and humor of Wes Anderson movies is always in its little and subtle things. Each sequences is carefully crafted and fully thought out. Every time you watch this movie you'll discover new fun small things set in the background or a small piece of dialog or character behavior. So I definitely understand and appreciate Anderson's style but yet I just don't enjoy it as much. Just not my type of movie and style of film-making.

The entire movie is made in intro-style. So scene's rapidly follow each other and everything is build up and break down again in basically 5 minutes time. To me this is a very tiresome way of film-making that doesn't work amusing enough for me. It's good at first but it's starting to get old already after a while.

Saving grace for me was Gene Hackman. He certainly added some style and power to the movie as the rude and not so subtle father of the family. In my opinion he also was the true main fun thing about the movie. Even more fun and hilarious than Bill Murray in the movie. I think that says something about the entire amusement level of the movie as a whole.

In all honesty the movie did entertain me and this was mostly because of the little subtle things in the movie. As a whole, so with the characters, style and story included, the movie just didn't strike me as an perfectly amusing one. But most likely the Anderson fans shall not complain.


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