(Review originally written at 14 July 2004)

This movie is not bad but it is simply too much of a repeating session of the first movie.

The movie moves very slow and only really starts to become interesting after an hour. Luckily the movie begins to get pace a lot from the moment Rocky begins training again, which are also the best parts of the movie. The drama in the beginning just didn't do it for me, mainly because you already knew how it all would end.

I'm sorry to say but Sly can't act. But still he is perfect for the role and I don't think the movie would have been any better without him. Somehow he still brings much live to the movie and the character. Talia Shire is good and believable as Rocky's shy girlfriend/wife.

But what am I talking about drama and acting skills? "Rocky" of course is all about boxing and everything else in the movie doesn't really matter. All the boxing scene's are amazing and I'm not just talking about the end fight but also about the training sessions also helped by Bill Conti's famous musical score which really gets you're adrenaline flowing. The biggest adrenaline rush of the movie is of course the end fight which just couldn't be long enough for me. The movie is worth watching for this alone and the ending actually always keeps bringing tears of joy to my eyes. Yes, I know I'm pathetic. The ending is of course totally over the top; the music, the slow motion, the crowed, the tension but I love it!

Worth watching for the end fight alone.


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