(Review originally written at 28 October 2005)

I absolutely loved this sequel to "Ringu". In some ways this movie is even better than "Ringu", something that came as a real surprise to me.

Compared to "Ringu" this movie is better constructed. The story itself goes more in depth, even though of course lots of things are still left unexplained, like in this type of movies almost always is the case. The story is also better told from a movie technical point of view. Most of the scenes and scares are build up very well which helps to make this an unforgettable horror movie. Unfortunately the movie is also filled with some 'silly' moments and at times poor acting skills which really brings down the level of this movie. It all makes "Ringu 2" a great but not excellent movie.

Almost every surviving and death characters from the first movie returns in this movie. This time the main part is played by Miki Nakatani, who in "Ringu" had a smaller role. Many characters who had a small role in "Ringu" play a big one in "Ringu 2" and vice versa. Miki Nakatani who plays Mai Takano isn't really a as good character like Reiko Asakawa from the original was however. That is one of the few things in which "Ringu 2" isn't better with than the original.

The atmosphere is simply delicious. It's typically horror like, meaning that's dark and creepy. It helps to provide some good scare moments.

Another thing I loved about the movie was the musical score by Kenji Kawai. It sounded like one of those old Nintentdo games but I loved it and it suited the movie and its atmosphere perfectly.

The movie does have it silly moments, especially towards the ending and the characters aren't as good as in the original but still "Ringu 2" is a great scary horror movie that is well constructed and from a technical point of view is even better than the original.


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