(Review originally written at 3 October 2005)

"Ringu" is a good and original movie. The story is really good and creepy. The storytelling of the movie is even better, which makes this movie not just a good horror movie but also a good character movie.

The movie doesn't really has 'scare' moments and perhaps because of this it has some missed opportunities in it but instead the movie has a creepy feeling and atmosphere throughout the movie, which compensates for this. Also the mysterious story adds to the tension and atmosphere of the movie.

The acting isn't exactly mind blowing but it never really becomes disturbingly bad.

It's too bad that the movie has some cheap looking effects, with a bigger budget this movie could had really become an even better one.

And then the eternal question which movie is the better one; "Ringu" or "The Ring". The answer is quite easy, whatever movie you've seen first will be your favorite. Both movies have their own charm and different good things and less successful elements. From a movie technical point of view "The Ring" is however a better movie. It has an overall better look and has way better special effects and make-up.


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