(Review originally written at 21 May 2006)

The best element of the movie is definitely the concept of the two main characters, who are being played by John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton, constantly fighting each other, even when one of them isn't even in the sequence itself. The constant battle between the two characters provides the movie with some good moments, however the entire story and setting of the rest of the movie is just OK. The rest of the movie is well made but it isn't always terribly interesting to follow.

The life of an air traffic controller is hectic. An old math teacher of mine actually used to be an air traffic controller at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and he often told us about the stress and difficult situations he got into. This movie however provides a better look into the life and average working days of an air traffic controller than any of those stories. They really did a good job there. However the story of the movie isn't terribly interesting or involving. The movie mainly relies on its two main characters, with as a direct result that the rest of the movie its story and characters gets muddled in. For instance the Angelina Jolie character gets totally uninteresting and at times even feels unnecessary, even though despite the fact that her character plays a quite important role in the movie its story.

All of the actors do a good job, especially of course the two main leads; John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton, who are great together or better said, great against each other. Both of their characters are also really good and strong. Cate Blanchett also did a great job and she impressed me in her role.

The movie is nicely made and constructed but it all just isn't that impressive or memorable all together. It's nothing more than an average comedy, from director Mike Newell.

This movie certainly does have its moments and it also is a perfectly fun watchable one but it at the same time also is a pretty forgettable one. There isn't much wrong with the movie, it's just not a very interesting or involving one to watch.


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