(Review originally written at 7 July 2004)

One of the problems with this movie is that it relies too much on the events that happened in the first movie. The result is that the story is too silly and some of the events are recycled and the movie leaves an overall needless impression.

Another example of how the movie relies too much on the first movie is the fact that the brought back the character Tangina Barrons. It is understandable why they did it since her character has grown into a well known movie character but I don't know, for some reason I feel that the movie would had been better off without her.

And poor Craig T. Nelson. He tries very hard to make the unbelievable story line's and ridiculous dialogue's believable. It was a shame to see him struggle with the line's so much. He does his very best but the end result isn't always successful.

Another problem I had with the movie is that it wasn't scary. Main reason for this is that there now is a main villain in an human form. Granted the the actor Julian Beck who portrays him is one scary looking guy but he seemed more like a psycho than a creep from another dimension. Yes, Julian Beck acts very well and even though he isn't the right villain for this movie, he was still one of the highlights. He also really seemed to be in serious pain by every line he delivered, I don't know if this has anything to do by his decease which claimed his life, or if it just is his way of acting. But it doesn't really matter, with this worthy last role he played the part of his life.

But is this movie a complete disaster? No, far from it. There are some nice special effects and with Jerry Goldsmith composing an horror score you always have a winner.

But anyway, overall a(nother) needless sequel that only might be recommendable if you also liked the superior first movie.

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