(Review originally written at 27 October 2006)

This, in my book, is not a classic but it still is a delightful to watch movie, with great performances and some wonderful dialog.

This is a typical 'based on a stage-play' movie, with some obvious stage-play story situations, characters, dialog and way of storytelling. I have never been the greatest fan of these sort of movies, although there are some exceptions. I guess this movie is a sort of exception, since I still enjoyed and liked watching it.

The movie doesn't have the most accessible story and is multiple layered and filled with some deeper meanings. This certainly is no formulaic movie. It makes the movie unique (perhaps the main reason why it's regarded as a classic) but not always easy to follow. The movie however always remains interesting, mainly because of the reason that it's no formulaic one and therefor also mostly unpredictable.

But really the thing that makes the story and its characters work are its actors. The movie has a great all-star cast, with Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart, Cary Grant and Ruth Hussey. Some great Oscar winning and multiple nominated actors in this movie. They all give a fine performance and lift the movie to an amazingly high level.

The Oscar winning story is well constructed and features some great dialog. It makes the movie movie original and unpredictable as well as fun and entertaining, although this movie is not really my idea of a great romantic comedy. The movie is professionally directed by George Cukor, who leaves it up mostly to the actors to tell the movie its story.

A delightful unique movie with some great sequences, that provides more than enough reasons why this movie is a perfectly watchable one to all.


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