(Review originally written at 28 September 2004)

With lot's of violence and visual beauty, Mel Gibson tells the story about the final hours of Christ.

The best thing about "The Passion of the Christ" is how powerful it is, not only in terms of emotions but also because it's visual striking. It is a beautiful and powerful movie, that feels like an old bible painting. Most powerful scene for me was the "Mary goes to Jesus" scene because of the smart cuts between past and present and the powerful music. Who could have guessed that composer John Debney would come up with such a beautiful and powerful score. He didn't seem like a very likely choice but he really surprised me in a positive way.

The characters are portrayed good, I especially like the portrayal of the devil. Although I can imaging that it can be confusing for some people to understand who all the characters are and what are their relations, it took me 2 viewings to fully understand who all those characters were.

No, it's not really a perfect movie. The way the story is told is not always good. At times some of the events feel very stretched out. For instance, Jesus falls about 5 times when he is carrying the cross, each of those falls are filmed very dramatically, wouldn't 2 or 3 times have been enough? I think we all got the picture the first time that Jesus had a tough time. There are lots of other stretched out moments throughout the rest of the movie.

Although not as good as I expected and certainly hoped it to be, it still left a big impression on me.


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