(Review originally written at 3 September 2005)

Basically this movie isn't anything new or refreshing, I mean movies like these are made dozens of times every year. This is one of those movies were not an awful lot is wrong with but its just to unoriginal or not refreshing enough to make this movie a must see. It's one of those typical 6 out of 10 movies.

The movie is a standard police/crime movie in which the main characters has to solve a case. No the movie most certainly isn't filled with any new or original moments and elements but it serves its purpose well and the movie is technically not badly made.

Finally a movie in which Rutger Hauer can show again how a great actor he is. Also Paulina Porizkova really isn't a bad actress despite the fact that she already had received a Razzie nomination for her role in "Her Alibi" from 1989. Hauer and Porizkova make a great screen duo and make the story believable and likable enough.

The story and the sidelines of it are interesting enough to fill 95 minutes. None of the dramatic and perhaps cliché sidelines of the story are ever getting distracting, which of course is a positive thing to say.

Yes of course you're ten times better of watching a good English detective series but this movie certainly is a watchable one, despite the fact that it isn't anything new or really special.


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