(Review originally written at 21 February 2006)

This movie is very light to watch and has some nice humor in it. It also provides us with a good view of how fairs looked like in the '30's. It was especially fun and weird to see that the adults were having just as much fun as children on the fair.

There basically of course is very little story present but there are more than enough sequences and humor present to make us forget that. The characters in the movie are also really good and strong enough to carry the movie. Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd formed a pretty good comical duo. Claud Allister was also good and quite fun to watch in the movie, as an over-the-top English chap.

There also are surprising quite a few sexual-references present, even some homosexual-references, which was all quite daring for its time.

At the very end of the movie we also see two very well known boys, none other than Laurel & Hardy, who want to ask the girls out.

Good fun, directed by Mr. Hal Roach himself.


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