(Review originally written at 16 March 2006)

It's certainly a good looking and well made movie but even though I normally like original and unusual movies, I have to admit that this movie was just a bit too weird for my taste at times. They simply overdid it at times but still the movie remains a good, entertaining and original one to watch.

Best thing of the entire movie is its look. The movie had a fairly low-budget but that fact is nowhere to be seen in the end product. The movie has some fantastic convincing special effects and also the camera-work and editing (the pace of the movie is really good) helps to make the movie look like a professional and convincing one. Moscow is considered to be one of the most depressing capitals of our world, so it works perfectly as a dark, gritty, dirty backdrop for the movie its story.

The story uses elements from previous movies such as "The Matrix" and "Underworld", so it's not the most original movie ever made. Still it's a fine imaginative movie filled with some original elements and moments and therefor this movie still remains an original one to watch, even though the story certainly isn't.

The story is simple as well as confusing. The main plot line is basically very simple but the way the story is told and brought to the screen is obviously done in an original 'non-Hollywood' way, which means that it doesn't follow the basic Hollywood rules to tell the story. It does make the movie (unesacarely) confusing to watch at times and therefor "Nochnoi Dozor" isn't really a movie for just simply everyone.

The next two movies of the trilogy should be interesting enough. The trilogy has some real cult potential, once it is finished.


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