(Review originally written at 5 August 2004)

Many people can't see further pass the dramatic elements of this movie but the movie is more then that. In a clever way it is a satire of the whole '93 war situation and modern war in general.

Still there are some dramatic elements like you would expect from a war movie. It still manages to show the horror of war and the pointlessness of the whole situation.

It perfectly shows the involvement of both the Serbians and the Bosnians that are not really caring about the faith of the soldiers trapped in the trench in the middle of no man's land, while all they do in the trench is arguing about who's to blame for starting the war in the first place which takes a lot of pressure and tension with it. It also shows the involvement of the UNPROFOR soldiers and the hungry press and the power the press can have in a war situation these days. All is shown in a satirical way and basically it just tells the story of the whole war and the parties involved in 98 minutes.

Not sure about it deserving of winning the Oscar for best foreign film but still an enjoyable light war drama.


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