(Review originally written at 29 April 2006)

This movie is a decent early directing attempt from the now much acclaimed director Ron Howard. The movies is not really memorable or hilariously funny but it still provides some decent entertainment, probably mainly thanks to the two main actors of the movie; Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton.

What a great screen debut, this movie for Michael Keaton was. He impresses and amuses in his eccentric over-the-top role. He plays his role with lots of class and professionalism and thanks to that he never becomes ridiculous in his role but funny and consistent instead. But please, let's also not forget Henry Winkler. I mean this is the Fonz we're talking about and he made this movie even in the middle of his "Happy Days" period but yet he is great and totally believable in his role in this movie as a loser who in many ways is the opposite of his character Fonzie. This movie shows that Henry Winkler really is a great and perhaps also underrated actor who can play a diversity of roles. Some smaller roles in this movie are for well known actors such as Clint Howard, Shelley Long, Richard Belzer, Vincent Schiavelli and bit parts for Ron Howard himself and Kevin Costner and Shannen Doherty in their first small movie roles (blink your eyes once and you'll miss them).

But despite all the talent involved this movie is not really a successful one. Probably thing to blame for this is the story, which is nothing special and not always very consistent. The movie lacks a really remarkable or memorable comical plot line. There are some funny moments throughout the movie but not enough to entirely regard this movie successful as a comedy. Still, like I mentioned before, Winkler and Keaton still makes this comedy worth your time.

The movie also lacks style and the timing is off at times.

Not a bad early attempt by Ron Howard but thankfully his later movies are way better.


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